Web Design & Analysis

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Course Description:

This course prepares students for a career in the ever growing and in demand field of Web
Design and Analysis. It aims to provide an integrated approach to website design and analysis
by providing web site design techniques and website management procedures through both
theoretical concepts and practical applications. Students will learn to manage the look and
characteristics of a website, while at the same time program, maintain and troubleshoot a
website’s data base.
Students participating in this course will learn to gather and compare information about
websites and use that information to design and deploy new websites, fix problem areas and
determine security needs. This course will provide the opportunity to learn advanced
programing skills using object oriented programing including C# (C Sharp) Ruby on rail, Perl
and Python to add dynamic features to any website. This course includes exposure to the latest
web technologies such as Microsoft ASP.Net, HTML, PHP, MySQL, AJAX and JQuery. Students
will also be given the opportunity to work with the newest in graphics programming including
Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. This course will also cover networking, hardware and
software including exposure to both Windows and Linux based platforms. By acquiring skills in
web design, as well as gaining exposure to networking students will have the opportunity to
progress beyond static design and to effectively implement and manage web development
projects using a variety of computer software from concept to finished product. Through
completion of this program students will be able to understand and manage computer hardware
and software and to design and facilitate an alignment of IT systems and services to meet the
objective of any business.

Course Outline:

Course Outline:  
Microsoft Word  
Microsoft Outlook  
Business Communication  
Techniques for Website Writing  
Vector Graphics (Illustrator)  
Photoshop Image Design and Editing  
Adobe Dreamweaver  
Adobe Photoshop  
Introduction to Web Animation (Flash)  
Introduction to Web Administration (Cpanel, etc)  
Introduction to PHP and My SQL  
WordPress, Joomla  
IIS Software Managing and Maintenance 1  
Building Web Applications with ASP.NET 1, Microsoft SQL  
Building Ecommerce Websites  
Web Marketing 1  
Web Security  
Practicum 1  
Advanced PHP, Ajax and Jquery  
Mobile Web application (HTML 5)  
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming using C# (C Sharp)  
Ruby on rail  
Advanced Web Administration  
Building Web Applications with ASP.NET 2, Microsoft SQL  
Advanced Techniques for website writing  
Web Marketing 2  
IIS Software Managing and Maintenance 2  
Windows Server Application Infrastructure (Microsoft Sharepoint)  
Power shell Scripting  
Shell Scripting (Linux)  
Practicum 2  

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to design and deploy databases
  • Use materials and techniques to produce illustrations to commercial standards
  • Gain advanced exposure to content management systems and understand how to build ECommerce
    websites and determine Search Engine Optimization
  • Fully utilize web applications using PHP, Apache, My SQL, AJAX and JQuery
  • Research company requirements for distributed systems and design network architecture and
    implemented software systems to meet a business’s needs
  • Develop server-based applications using Linux and Windows platforms
  • Design, implement and maintain Linux-based monitoring systems
  • Use graphics programming including Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver to format images and
    apply filters and effects for robust websites
  • Create database driven websites and install and configure web servers
  • Be able to use the tools in Photoshop to produce layers, paths, shapes and patterns for images
  • Use content management systems and build websites from scratch based on customer needs
  • Successfully design deploy web based applications as per company requirements
  • Test instructions, codes, and scripts for accuracy and correctness in multiple OS environments
  • Use advanced programing skills in C# (C Sharp), Ruby on rail, Perl and Python
  • Design and implement software frameworks for the implementation of web-based applications
    with a focus on Linux-based server applications
  • Exposure to computer networking and hardware including Windows Server and Red Hat Linux
  • Fully utilize the applications of Sharepoint and Microsoft ASP.Net
  • Gain proficiency in the administration of Linux and Windows based platforms
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of computer hardware and software
  • Use scripting language including Java Script, JQuery and AJAX
  • Understand and implement website security and retrieve data from databases

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Web Design & Analysis program will be able to pursue careers as
Web Masters
Web Designer/SEO/CRM Specialists and Back End Developer
Web Managers
Web Developers
Graphic Designers
Network Support Specialists
Systems Administrators
Data Base Administrators and Developers
Web Technicians and Internet Site Designers
Course Duration:2 years

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