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A Top-Notch Testing Centre Providing the Perfect Atmosphere for You to Ace Your IT Exams

You’ve come to the end of your Technology Certification course and it’s time for you to prove your smarts and take the certification exam. CCBST’s Prometric and Pearson testing facilities have been created to provide a positive test-taking experience for you, so you can excel when it’s time to take your IT exam.

With two locations and a wide range of hours of operation, you can write your Prometric and Pearson exam with convenience and in a quiet environment conducive to your success. CCBST recognizes this is important because passing your IT exam is the last step in order for you to gain the qualifications required for career advancement, professional development, skills assessment or other types of certifications.

One day in class, your professor might show a social media post from a politician or celebrity. You and your classmates analyze, critique, and discuss that post from different angles, such as its medium, its message, its meanings both expressed and implied, the credibility of the messenger, and the cultural impact of the message. Then you write your own social-media post in response.

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