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Introduction – An Exciting Career Opportunity

Paralegals are an integral part of the legal system in Canada. Their services are in demand from, amongst others, various courts, government ministries and agencies, a vast array of businesses, law firms, mediation firms, correctional facilities, educational institutions and various other organizations. Paralegals have been referred to as “the backbone of today’s legal system, and they can work as employees, agents or as independent contractors. Their diverse services include: 

In Ontario, the paralegal profession is regulated by the Law Society of Ontario (“LSO”). Formerly the Law Society of Upper Canada, the LSO duly licenses a paralegal once he or she passes the paralegal accreditation exam. Related occupations that do not require licensing cannot perform the same duties as accredited paralegals. In Ontario, paralegals can represent clients in Small Claims Court, the Ontario Court of Justice under the Provincial Offences Act, and administrative tribunals. In doing so, they provide an affordable alternative to retaining a lawyer. Recent Statistics Canada reports indicate steadily growing demand for paralegal services over the last 10 years, and, with the LSO authorizing the addition of family law and the industry-wide trend of minimizing expenses / costs, this demand is forecast to continue to grow. There were more than 9,000 active Ontario paralegals in 2018, with a distinctive 89% being employed on a full time basis. Ontario paralegals make excellent money, with average annual earnings being reported in at $60,000 to $70,000 range, with urban centers being more lucrative. Private paralegals often “bill out” at $50 to $75 per hour.

Paralegal Diploma Overview:

Our Paralegal Diploma program prepares students to pursue a career as a professional paralegal,  duly licensed by the Law Society of Ontario (“LSO”). Upon graduation, a paralegal can work as an independent provider of legal services, in a law office, as a provincial offences prosecutor or within a corporate environment, as well as a host of other options.

CCBST Paralegal programs are authorized to provide, amongst other things, legal services in tribunal practice, residential landlord and tenant law and, civil litigation within the limit of the Small Claims Court. Students receive:

As mentioned, today’s growing demand for affordable services in the legal profession creates excellent career potential for well trained and accredited individuals. The CCBST program qualifies students for admission to the Paralegal Licensing Process and prepares them thoroughly and properly for the LSO paralegal licensing examination.

The CCBST paralegal program will avail solid knowledge of Canadian law, with particular concentration on subject areas within the scope of authorized paralegal practice. The academic and experiential learning provided by CCBST will meet or exceed the requirements of the LSO. CCBST graduates are distinctively well prepared to write the LSO licensing examination and to integrate into the legal system.

Paralegal Diploma Outline:

The CCBST Paralegal Diploma program educates students in:

Program Highlights

The CCBST Paralegal Diploma is accredited by the LSO. The programs and faculty at CCBST are top notch and committed to the success of each and every student! 

CCBST Paralegal Diploma and Practicum Placement – a Brief Summary

This unpaid Field Placement/Practicum will be completed in a qualified legal environment. This will provide students with “hands-on” insights of how law firms, paralegal firms or legal departments in government or corporations work. Students will be working under the supervision of experienced and professional legal personal. The objective of the field placement experience is to provide students the opportunity to apply the skills and abilities in the Paralegal Diploma  program, allowing for learning opportunities and practical court and tribunal experience during field placement.

Participating field placement employers are expected to adhere to the following terms of employment and work arrangements:

To achieve the field practicum objective, field placement employers are encouraged to provide a practical learning opportunity for the students by offering the following duties and responsibilities during their field placement:

CCBST Paralegal Diploma - Program Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of our Paralegal Certification program students will:

The acquired graduate skill sets and knowledge will also provide them with:

Paralegal Diploma Career Opportunity

The paralegal segment is highly stable and continues to offer significant opportunity. Once licensed, if they choose to do so, paralegals are entitled to open a practice and handle matters for their own clients. A vast and diverse scope of possibilities includes employment (or contracts) in law firms, paralegal firms, immigration practices, corporate law departments, legal aid clinics, collection agencies, government departments and agencies, bankruptcy officials and affiliates, financial services, health care, medical organizations, courts and tribunals and many more. Once licensed, paralegals are entitled to open a practice and handle matters for their own clients.

Unlike many other industry segments, the legal industry does not suffer the volatile ups and downs tied to the economy. Its demand is virtually ubiquitous and the segment is “rock solid” and continues to grow. 

Paralegals are able to work in a wide variety of positions. These include:

It is quite common for accredited paralegals to build upon their paralegal license as an expeditious stepping stone to becoming a lawyer.   

Admission Requirements

How to apply

CCBST provides a world class, industry-experienced and goal-oriented faculty. An excellent way to see if the CCBST paralegal diploma program is the right fit for you is to book a tour of our facilities, where you can meet with students and instructors on a first hand basis. You can also apply online. Immediate questions can be answered by one of our friendly Admissions Advisors.

Find out if a Paralegal Career is Right for You! 

Take our CCBST "Paralegal Career Training Readiness Quiz" –this fun, online quiz takes 3 minutes to complete AND you will get a personalized report. You can identify your strengths and social style plus the training and positions you’re best suited for. Get your paralegal career training readiness score now!

Tuition, Fees and Funding your Education

CCBST is a superb choice for individuals who want to get ahead without suffering a major financial burden. At CCBST, tuition is more affordable than larger schools whilst maintaining the same excellent quality of educational standards.

You may also be eligible to receive OSAP (Government Financial Aid) as all CCBST programs are full time.

You may also qualify for Second Career Eligibility Ontario. This program provides support to laid-off employees who will benefit from retraining to find work. Please check out our Financial Aid section or contact a CCBST admissions representative to see if you meet the criteria.

For more information about Financial Aid and Second Career Training click here.


Course Duration

51 Weeks

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Success Stories

  • I want to thank you and CCBST College for all the help during my study, diploma in Computerized Accounting. Now I am working in the Inventory Department of Anderson Co. I am using most of the skill what I learned in college.

    Mustak Bharucha- Student
    Thanks, Mustak Bharucha
  • I want to thank you and CCBST College for all the help during my study, diploma in Computerized Accounting. Now I am working in the Inventory Department of Anderson Co. I am using most of the skill what I learned in college.

    Thanks, Mustak Bharucha

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