Payroll Administrator

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Course Description:

The Payroll Administrator Diploma program will give you a solid foundation to launch a
career in the thriving field of Financial Administration. This program will prepare you to
manage the financial aspect of your future administrative duties, as well as manage payroll
procedures on a broader scale.
With the Payroll Administrator Diploma program, you’ll learn essential bookkeeping and
payroll skills. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping procedures
including the preparation of financial statements, business transactions, accounts payable,
accounts receivable, and HST. You’ll also, gain an in-depth understanding of the legislative
requirements and payroll compliance knowledge and skills to keep your organization
compliant throughout the annual payroll cycle

Course Outline:

Course Outline:
CPA – Payroll Compliance Legislation
CPA – Payroll Fundamentals 1
CPA – Payroll Fundamentals 2

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program will be able to start their career with entry-level positions in medium to large-sized companies as
Payroll Officer
Payroll and Benefits Administrator
Payroll Assistant
Pay Advisor
Time Clerk
Payroll Clerk
Salary Administration Officer
Course Duration:20 Weeks ( 400 Hours )

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