Mobile Application Developer

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Course Description:

Mobile Application Development is an exciting new field and it’s growing exponentially! With this
skill set comes a potential lifestyle of freedom, since you could work remotely as
an entrepreneur. Alternatively, you can partner with an innovative company in almost any field
of your choosing and collaborate to make a well-loved & popular App. Be on the forefront of the
App revolution; turn your wildest ideas into a reality or assist others to do so and make profit in
the process!
At CCBST, the Mobile Application Developer Diploma program will give you the tools to start.
You’ll learn how to write, modify, integrate and test computer code for microcomputer and
mainframe software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software
and communications software. You’ll be prepared for the field of interactive media so that
you can write, modify, integrate and test computer codes for internet applications. Once the
program is complete, you’ll be able to create programs and innovative content for both iOS and
During the Mobile Application Developer Diploma program you’ll get to do a three-month
internship with a company of your choosing. Pick a business that you aspire to work at, or
whose work you admire and CCBST will attempt to pair you with that company, or a similar one
that interests you. This experience is invaluable as you’ll graduate with first hand industry
experience and insider knowledge.

Course Outline:

Course Outline:  
Word Level 1 and Level 2  
Technical Writing for Web and Mobile  
Photograph Graphics Design and Editing  
WordPress and Joomla  
Introduction to Object- Oriented Programming(C#)  
Introduction to Server-Side Web Application Development for Mobile Application (PHP /My SQL)  
Advanced Server-Side Web Application Development for Mobile PHP /My SQL)  
User Interface Designs / Mobile Applications UX &UI Design Prototyping  
Basic Android Application Development- Java Programming  
Advanced Android Development  
Basic iOS Development – Objective C- Programming  
Advanced iOS Development  
Mobile Web & Cross Platform Application Development  
Agile Project Management  
Mobile Development Best Practices  
Emerging Technologies and Trends  
Business for Mobile Apps/ Entrepreneur  
Application Analytics and Promotion  
Mobile Application Development Project  
Business Communication  

Course Outline:

Upon successful completion of this course student will be able to:

  • Program at an intermediate level, using the JavaScript programming language
  • Create Java applications and Java applets using the Java programming language
  • Develop Web pages using Dreamweaver that incorporate features such as linking,
    navigation system, digital media, tables, forms, CSS, and other basic enhancements.
  • Use MySQL to create, modify, implement, and maintain MySQL and MSSQL databases
  • Apply the latest innovations emerging in the mobile applications industry in areas of
    application programming interfaces and integrated development environments
  • Install and utilize the appropriate software needed for mobile application development, such
    as operating systems, software development kits, plug-ins for integrated development
    environments, and support or utility applications
  • Utilize modern programming approaches that feature the integration of multiple sources
    into a single package that gets deployed to a server, interpreter, or emulator
  • Incorporate sound web design principles to produce user experiences that run on new
    mobile devices, clients, and emulators, sometimes with limited hardware resources
  • Apply prior knowledge on networking and protocols, to new scenarios in the context of
    simplified versions of these protocols, designed to run on devices smaller than a laptop or
    desktop computer
  • Apply prior knowledge on relational database Design and development, to the context of
    simplified versions of database engines, designed to run on devices smaller than a laptop
    or desktop computer
  • Implement concurrent fragments of code that serve as threads to run background or
    asynchronous processes common in mobile devices and applications
  • Incorporate digital media in the development of mobile applications to enhance the user

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Mobile Application Developer Diploma program will be able to work as
Mobile Application Programmer
Interactive Media Developer
Interactive Media Programmer
Multimedia Programmer
Software Developer
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Developer
Course Duration:81 Weeks

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