Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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Course Description:

This course prepares students for employment in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain
Management. Logistics and Supply Chain Management focuses on efficiently managing systems
of people, resources, information that deal with the movement of a product or service from
supplier to customer. Logistics entails planning and organizing the whole moving process.
Students participating in this Course will learn supply chain management, detailed
scheduling and planning, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning,
inventory management, supplier planning, procurement, operations execution and control,
production processes, quality incentives, inventory control, planning of resources, forecasting and
scheduling, strategic management of resources, and integrating operating processes into the
strategic plan. The aim is to optimize the logistics and supply chain in the most cost-effective way,
helping companies to build a competitive edge.

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Course Outline:

Course Outline:  
Microsoft Basics  
Fundamentals of Law, Negotiations, Logistics and Operations  
Security, Compliance, Customs and Freight Procedures  

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course student will be able to:

  • Deal with sourcing raw materials and components required by companies to manufacture
    their products.
  • Understand market needs, planning methods, and controlling supply flows.
  • Design supply chain networks as well as financial and information flows.
  • Use fundamental models to make trade-offs between forecasting, inventory, and
  • Understand how global supply chains and national and international markets function.
  • Understand about e-commerce and find ways to use this knowledge for strategic sourcing.
  • In-depth understanding of procurement, warehousing, stores management, transportation
    and shipping, inventory planning and contract management.

Certification Opportunities:

Our Logistics and Supply Chain Management program offers the following professional certifications that are completed in-house:

International Transportation and Trade
International Transportation and Trade, introduces the student to air, ocean, truck and rail transportation and to the world geography over which goods move. Incoterms ®2010 outlines the transfer of cost and risk between the seller and buyer. Certificates of completion are provided to students completing International Freight Forwarding Courses. CIFFA International Freight Forwarding Courses are accredited by FIATA and CSCSC.

Essential of Freight Forwarding
Understanding how buyers and sellers manage risk with a variety of international payments, cargo insurance, properly completed commercial documents and export packaging leads students to where they can offer professional costing and quoting and alternative solutions to their clients. Certificates of completion are provided to students completing International Freight Forwarding Courses. CIFFA International Freight Forwarding Courses are accredited by FIATA and CSCSC

Career Opportunities

There are supply chain functions and sub-functions in almost all sectors of the American economy. Graduates of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management program will qualify for specialized positions such as  
Freight forwarding logistician  
Freight forwarding supervisor  
Freight forwarding technician  
Inventory clerk supervisor  
Inventory control supervisor  
Logistics supervisor – transportation  
Manufacturing orders clerk supervisor  
Material clerk supervisor  
Material control coordinator  
Shipping and receiving supervisor  
Shipping clerk supervisor  
Shipping coordinator  
Shipping supervisor  
Stock clerk supervisor  
Stock control supervisor  
Supply and receiving supervisor  
Supply chain supervisor  
Supply control coordinator  
Course Duration:105 Hours



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