From the President’s Desk

Mr. Kris S

President & Founder

CCBST educates today’s aspiring students, preparing them for the ever changing and dynamic job market. CCBST graduates are ready and eager to take on the professional industry within mid-level to management positions. The education we provide helps students grow as individuals with the freedom to exchange ideas and help make the world a better place. For more than a decade, CCBST has helped ambitious and knowledgeable students excel from all over the world, thus making CCBST one of the most sought after Private Educational Institutions.

Our students have high expectations from us and we continue to deliver. The North American standard of instruction helps students be successful in their endeavors by giving them a multicultural environment, state of the art equipment and industry experienced instructors. Our aim is to not just be a college that is focused purely on teaching theory but to also make learning an immersive experience for students. Our teachers actively involve students in case study applications which creates a practical environment for students and helps them understand the important aspects of the industry.

CCBST provides the best possible education in subjects like Business and Accounting, IT, Healthcare, Law, Beauty and Education. Our Academic department constantly updates our programs which helps to keep us positioned as leaders in the Education Industry. We consistently strive to meet and exceed our students’ expectations. Our contribution to Californian Society by innovating, partnering and maintaining best practices in the industry is well recognized.


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