Early Childcare Assistant

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Course Description:

The Early Childcare Assistant program is designed to equip childcare workers with
valuable knowledge, skills and experience for employment as Assistants in day care
or early learning centers. It is designed to give students an overview of the
responsibilities of an early childcare assistant and opportunities to perform those
responsibilities. It presents foundational skills needed for those seeking to move into
an Early Childhood Educator program. Students participating in this course will gain
appreciation of the historical development of child care and its impact on
contemporary approached to care and curriculum, the role of government and
associations in Canadian child care and education. Students will gain an
understanding of community-based support programs available to assist families
who are facing specific challenges. After studying this program student will able to
understand concepts and strategies for developing and maintaining a safe and
healthy child care setting and gain skills to improve their proficiency in written
communication and documentation in a child care setting. Students will develop an
appreciation and understanding of historical and contemporary theories of
development, developmental domains and research approaches to toddler

Course Outline:

Course Outline:  
Word Level 1 and Level 2  
Excel Level 1 and Level 2  
Introduction to Early Child Care and Education  
Roles and Responsibilities  
Child, Family and Community  
Introduction to Child Development  
Introduction to Prenatal, Infant and Toddler Development  
Health and Safety  
Written Communication  
Observation Skills  
Practicum (ECA 1)  
Introduction to Preschool Development  
Guiding Children  
Curriculum Planning  
Practicum (ECA 2)  
CPR & First Aid  
NACC Final Exam  

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course student will be able to:

  • assist and participate in the day to day operations of a childcare center or
    early learning center
  • help to provide a nurturing, caring environment in which young children can
  • understand the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children
    from infancy to age 6
  • maintain a professional approach while observing and guiding children
    throughout the day
  • demonstrate effective communication skills with parents, children and coworkers
  • provide opportunities to enhance children’s self-esteem during daily
  • encourage socialization of children as they play and experience things
  • be knowledgeable in related health and safety issues during daily operations
  • understand nutritional requirements of young children as they relate to daily
  • planning and assisting with meal time
  • supervise children during indoor and outdoor play, and during rest periods
  • lead children in activities by telling stories, teaching songs and preparing
    craft material
  • prepare and serve snacks
  • guide and assist children in the development of proper eating, dressing and
    toilet habits
  • attend staff meetings to discuss progress and problems with children
  • assist the supervisor in keeping records
  • maintain day care equipment and assist in housekeeping duties.

Course Opportunities:

Graduates of the Early Childcare Assistant program will be able to find employment as a
Child Care Worker
Day Care Worker
Assistant Day Care Supervisor
Early Childhood Program Staff
Preschool Teacher
Child Care Worker Assistant
Day Care Helper
Early Childhood Educator Assistant
Preschool Helper
and more!

Pre-requisite for the Program:

An Ontario Secondary, School Diplomaor Students are 18 years of age or older and pass a qualifying test
Police Clearance
Pre-Admission Medical Report
Early Childcare Technical Literacy Examination
Course Duration:41 Weeks

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