Administrative Assistant

You’ll develop the cultural awareness and critical thinking skills you need to analyze and produce a broad range of discourse in a full spectrum of careers — and to make a difference in whatever you do.

Course Description:

If you’re a problem solver, organized and take pleasure in producing high quality work, then consider becoming an Administrative Assistant. With CCBST’s Administrative Assistant Diploma program you’ll learn foundational skills employers seek in Administrative professionals. This Diploma program helps you develop strong administrative and word processing skills, as well as office support and procedures. With the Administrative Assistant Diploma Program, you’ll develop essential administrative skills aided by a firm grasp on software programs commonly used in an office setting. You’ll establish strong interpersonal communication, creative thinking, and decision-making. Learn to perform office procedures and produce quality work in an efficient manner using advanced features of business software applications. You’ll also become adept at researching job opportunities and producing high quality employment portfolios and resumes. Learn administration hands-on, with a team-orientated approach intended to familiarize you with today’s leading software applications. Once finished, you’ll be equipped with the necessary training to thrive in a modern office environment.

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Course Outline:

Course Outline:  
Microsoft Basics  
Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting Principles  
Introduction to Human Resources Management  
Career Opportunities  
Administrative Assistant  
Executive Administrative Assitant  
Administrative Support  
Administrative Associate  
Course Duration:90 Hours


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