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referral Program

Student Referral Program
Why is the college giving $300 – $1000 reward for student referral?

The Canadian College of Business, Science & Technology is a top college in Toronto Canada understands that our most valuable assets are our quality of service and "Word of mouth" referrals. Did you know that over 30% of our students first learn about our college through a referral? It's true! We encourage you to join our three campus Scarborough, Brampton and north york in inviting more students to top college in Toronto canada who would benefit from our life-changing educational programs. Like any business, we spend a good portion of our budget on advertising and promoting the benefits of our programs and services to our potential students. Rather than spending the money this way, we would rather reward our students and our partners directly for referring students to our college.

If you know somebody who needs to upgrade their skills and who is:

On E.I., WSIB, ODSP or Social Assistance

In need of Financial Assistance

Unemployed or underemployed

A Single Parent

A New Immigrant or

A Protected Person

Tell them about the services and benefits offered by our college. You can open the door for somebody who is in need of a career upgrade and you will get rewarded for your help.

How do I refer a friend? How much of my time is involved?

Fill the attached form with your referral`s contact information, and send it to our college by mail, fax or email. Alternatively, you can give us a call. One of our representatives will be more than happy to collect the information from you. And with that, your job is done! That's it!

What happens next? When do I get the reward?
How much do I get when my referral is enrolled?
Per calendar year
What if my referral did not enroll in your college? (What is the "2nd Chance Reward System"?)

Speak with an advisor now to learn how you can receive up to $28,000 for tuition, books and living expenses!

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Success Stories

  • I want to thank you and CCBST College for all the help during my study, diploma in Computerized Accounting. Now I am working in the Inventory Department of Anderson Co. I am using most of the skill what I learned in college.

    Thanks, Mustak Bharucha

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