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Welcome to the CCBST Canadian College of business science and technology Our one of a kind business, science and technology college has been created and established as a private career college in Toronto Ontario. We provide first class facilities and training to help students form professional opportunities for their future. Our entirely Canadian owned and operated private college has been producing graduates that are ready to work with minimal training in their career of choice, for 9 years. Our program organizers and educators have real world experience allow us to structure programs to better prepare students with the practical skills they will need for the workplace, as well as the detailed knowledge they will need to become successful professionals. Our private Toronto college has a wide array of programs including: Diploma: Paralegal Accounting & Payroll-Business Administration Administrative Assistant Home Inspection Diploma Business Administration CSR-Banking and Financial Services Web Technician Network Technician Microsoft Server Exchange Sharepoint Administrator Microsoft Asp Net Developer Health Office Administrator Personal Support Worker(PSW) Early Childcare Assistant(ECA) Certificate: CCIE - R & S Graphic Design Business System Analysis Each of these programs presents career opportunities from convienently located campuses. With three current campuses across the GTA we offer convience and quality education and facilities across southern Ontario. Proof of the value in each one of our diploma and certificate programs can be found across multiple industries. Since the Canadian College of Business, Science and Technology became a registred body with the ministry of training, college and universities act, Many of the first alumni can now be found across multiple industries in secure positions. Many of our alumni are also now working in positions at the top of their field. If you are interested in any of our core programs or you would like to take a tour of our facilities, please fill out the form below or give us a call today.

Code of Conduct

Student Records 

All student records are confidential and kept at the college where the student attended classes for 3 years. Academic records are computerized, filed, and maintained by Canadian College of Business, Science and Technology.  This database also contains personal information which is subject to our privacy policy.  No information about a student will be released or confirmed without proper authorization from the student.  Written permission from a student is required before any information is released. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has the right to inspect all of the student files without notice.   

The college will cooperate, where it deems proper, with police or other government agencies in the investigation of a crime.  Upon presentation of a subpoena the college will release a student’s file (or copies of the contents – paper or electronic) to the court.

Change of Address and/or Personal Data

It is important that your information in your file is accurate and current.  It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes in name, address, telephone number or other important information. 

Student Identification

A student contract registration number has been issued to you upon enrollment in your program.  You must have on hand the student contract number with you at all times.  You will need it for:

  • Signing out CDs and other resource material
  • Proof of identification to use college equipment or facilities during college hours of operation
  • Obtaining official documents such as transcripts, tuition receipts or letters

Student Telephone Calls

The college will only relay a message in cases of extreme emergency.  Try to inform the office at the college about any situation where we may be required to relay a message (e.g. serious illness in the family, daycare, etc). 

Hours of Operation

Generally, the college is open 5 days a week – Monday through Friday.  Check with the college where you are attending classes to confirm their hours of operation. 


The college operates year-round.  Our colleges may be closed between Christmas and New Year’s and/or for a summer break.  The college recognizes all government statutory holidays. 

General Illness

During the winter months it is very difficult to avoid coughs, colds and flu.  If you are not feeling well and are unable to attend your program, kindly contact your college early in the morning on the day you will not be in attendance.  If you are sponsored, contact your funding agency regarding your absence.  Absenteeism of more than 3 consecutive days will require a doctor’s note. It is imperative that a doctor’s note be submitted to your college for those being sponsored or through the Student Loans program. 

It would be in your best interest if you are under the weather to stay home.  If you decide to attend, please be sensitive to the students around you and try to work at your own workstation.  Also, keep your personal belongings with you at all times in order to avoid passing on germs.

Break Area or Lunchroom

All college locations have a Break Area or Lunch Room.  These designated areas are there for you to utilize and enjoy.  The Break Area or Lunch Room will give you a chance to have your refreshments, review your notes and take a break from your workstation. Please remember to take short breaks during your time at the college.  It is imperative that you stick to your schedule to maintain consistency in your learning process.  Please keep the tone of your voice down so that it will not disturb other students at your college.  You can enjoy and appreciate your surroundings and allow others to appreciate them as well.

Keeping the Break Area or Lunchroom Neat and Tidy

Also, don’t forget to keep the Break Area or Lunch Room neat and tidy, and throw out all of your personal scrapings. Both the students and staff may share these areas. If you have access to a fridge at the college, ensure that you discard any food that you had placed in the fridge which has not been consumed by you on that day. The college will not be responsible for any food or personal items.

Washroom Facilities

The college may have on site washroom facilities or have access to a common washroom area in a general place of business (ex. office tower or mall).  Please keep the washroom area tidy.  When leaving the washroom area, kindly wipe any of your water spills from the counter and properly discard your used paper towels.  Don’t forget any personal belongings when leaving the washroom area.  Think of Canadian College of Business, Science and Technology as your second home and keep it neat and tidy!


Smoking is not permitted within CCBST campus locations. However, designated smoking area are provided outside of campus buildings. 

Cancellation of Classes

Classes are cancelled only in cases of public emergencies or extremely poor weather conditions, as these conditions are deemed to impact on the safety of staff and students.  Call the college before you leave home to ensure it is open.

Textbooks, Lab Fees and Supplies

All courses are delivered as complete learning packages, including all the required materials.  Our student textbooks/manuals and corresponding multimedia presentations form the foundation of our learning system.  Each multimedia presentation has been prepared with meticulous care in order to act as your instructor.  It carefully co-ordinates with your textbook and any other course material.  Mastering how to follow the multimedia presentation carefully will become the key to your learning success.

The textbooks become the property of the student once the course of study is made available by the college and issued to the student upon receipt of full payment for the course. Textbooks are the property of the student upon completion of each course.  The textbook(s) for each course is supplied at the beginning of each course.  Textbooks are not supplied in advance. Textbooks for courses not started will not be issued.  The multimedia component, all necessary student data files, and the original software remain the property of the LaunchLife International Inc. 

It is our policy to have all your training material ready for you on the first day of the course.  Supplies for computer or other specialized labs are provided by the college as you need them, and are included in the program lab or material fee. 

You will be required to buy general school supplies, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and diskettes.

Lost or Mislaid Textbooks

Students are responsible to replace lost textbooks at their own cost.  It is imperative that you have your textbook each day for your course.  Please keep your textbook in a safe place. 

Student Data

Student data files may be located on a CD-ROM, locally on the hard drive, or on a networked drive.  Please consult your facilitator for the exact location of these files, if the student data files are provided on a CD-ROM CDs that are issued must be returned to staff and may not be removed from the premises as they are the property of the college.  If you would like to practice at home, you can bring in a blank writable CD ROM or diskette (file permits) and an authorized staff member at the college can copy the information onto it or email it to your home if they so agree.  Files that are brought on disk from your home cannot be used on college computers.  Adherence to this policy prevents computer viruses from spreading.

Booking a Workstation

Workstations are booked in two-hour blocks, which is the average time for a lesson.  Canadian College of Business, Science and Technology attempts to accommodate all students in their requests, however depending on the time of year or time of day, the college may not be able to accommodate all requests.

We cannot guarantee specific computers or workstations to any student.

Workstation Guidelines

With regard to your workstation, please follow these guidelines:

  • All media presentation material (cassettes and CD ROM’s) are copyright material and as such cannot be removed from the classroom.
  • Please rewind your tape when you are finished using it.  (where applicable)
  • Please return your multimedia component presentation material (cassette or CD ROM’s) to your facilitator or instructor. 
  • Leave your computer on at all times, even when you leav